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Wedding Fails Don’t Make A Wedding Fail (But They Sure Are Funny)

It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life: Your wedding day. Little girls don their mothers’ veils, and prance around the house, dreaming of the day they will have their own twirl around the dance floor in white. Young women wait anxiously for the question to be asked, and then spend months on end planning.

The dress, the venue, the photographer, the food, the details. Everything must be perfect, and usually, it is. But sometimes, things go a little… awry. Maybe the groom gets a little tongue tied, or the best man forgets his feet; maybe an uninvited guest decides to crash the party, or somebody you DID invite has just a bit too much fun.

And maybe it’ll be immortalized on camera for the world to see.

5. Like a bowling pin

4. Mmm, pancakes.

3. It’s all fun and games until…

2. Wedding dresses aren’t waterproof.

1. Beware: Amphibians

Despite a few hilarious, yet sometimes terrible wedding fails, no wedding that ends with two people happily married has failed. If you’re planning a wedding in northern Virginia, and are interested in discussing Boulevard’s delicious, buffet-style catering options, contact us today!

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