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  • Serving Alcohol at Your Corporate Holiday Party? Read This.

    As October turns into November, and planning for the company holiday party kicks into high gear, you’re wondering how, or even if you can mix business and pleasure, to serve alcohol at the annual shindig. The answer is yes, with a little careful planning.

    Consider these tips to keep your employees (& your business) in northern Virginia safe as they imbibe on company time.

    Chat about your company culture.

    Emphasize that drinking to excess at an company event is unacceptable, and will be met with zero tolerance. Include information about alcohol usage in your company code of conduct, and be clear on your expectations (e.g., Is drinking at lunch discouraged? What is the policy for drinking at company events where clients are present?)

    Make attendance optional.

    For no reason should you require that your employees attend events where alcohol will be served, nor should they be recommended to attend. All social gatherings should be strictly voluntary.

    Limit the number of drinks allowed.

    This goes hand-in-hand with your policy prohibiting excess consumption. Give each employee a set number of tickets (Say, two.) for drinks; once those tickets are gone, they’re gone. Serve non-alcoholic beverages — such as juice, soda, water — on an unlimited basis.

    Consider serving just beer and wine.

    Liquor and spirits almost always have a higher alcohol content, and are harder to regulate.

    That being said…

    Hire a professional bartender.

    Never allow your employees to serve themselves, nor each other. Professional bartenders are trained to portion drinks appropriately, and make a living out of cutting people off when they’ve had too much.

    Identify at least one attendee who won’t be drinking.

    Event guests who choose to remain sober can help identify co-workers who may have had too much to drink, and who might need a ride home.

    Review your insurance policies

    Do so to ensure that you are properly covered, and aware of any exclusions in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong.

    Host the party off premises.

    Your employees will be more comfortable and have more fun, and you will be less liable for damages if the event is held at a club or a restaurant, during nonworking hours.

    Never make drinking the focus of the event.

    Provide entertainment; arrange for a guest speaker; schedule games, dancing, raffles, team-building events, or other activities for your employees to participate in. The alcohol is just a bonus!

    Serve food.

    Boulevard Café Catering will provide hot or cold appetizers, entrees, salads, and/or dessert to whet your employees’ appetite, and to make sure no one drinks on an empty stomach.

    Contact us today to discuss hiring Boulevard to cater your corporate holiday party.

  • Thank You for Choosing Boulevard for Your Corporate Catering!

    Many people throughout northern Virginia know Boulevard Cafe as the best place to grab a quick lunch in Tysons Corner, and our lunch customers are a big part of the reason we’ve achieved so much success for so long. But the truth is, we’d be remiss to forget to mention our wonderful corporate catering clients. Boulevard Cafe Catering has had the unique opportunity to visit and serve many great corporate offices and their employees throughout the region; it truly makes our jobs worth the time when those clients leave reviews, and their feedback online.

    Boulevard Cafe Catering feeds northern Virginia.

    “[The food I received from Boulevard Cafe Catering] tasted good every single time. Quality of food is great!”

    “Boulevard Cafe catered a corporate SEO Training my company hosted and they did a great job. Mr. Rafeedie was a pleasure to work with and his suggestions on food were spot on. If your company is looking for a corporate catering service, I would definitely call them.”

    “Best two over easy [eggs] I have ever had, and the owners are super nice.”

    “[My event was] catered to perfection! :)”

    Are you a satisfied Boulevard Cafe Catering client?

    Please consider leaving us a Google review. It’s simple and easy, and we’d greatly appreciate it. Simply follow these steps:

    1. Log into your personal Google account.
    2. Visit Boulevard Cafe Catering on Google+.
    3. Where prompted, assign us a rating (from 1–5 stars) and describe your experience.
    4. Press PUBLISH, and review the text you composed before pressing DONE to complete your review.
    5. You can then go to the ABOUT tab on our Google+ page to view or edit your review and view other reviews posted to the Boulevard Cafe Catering.

    Thank you for your continued patronage of Boulevard Cafe Catering!

  • Smart Tips for Surviving Your Next Northern VA Networking Event

    To get ahead in the business world in northern Virginia, networking is crucial, but it’s not always easy to walk into a room full of strangers and strike up a conversation. But see, here’s the thing: Everyone has come to the same networking event for the same thing, to meet strangers.

    A networking event in northern VA will be what you make it.

    Consider the following tips for navigating a networking event. Go ahead, make some new business connections, and maybe even have a little fun while you’re at it.

    1. Be genuine. If it seems like common sense, that’s because it is. Networking events are meant to lay the groundwork for new professional relationships; be genuine. Be yourself, and watch your network grow.
    2. Set reasonable expectations for yourself and for the event. Go into each and every networking event in northern Virginia with an idea in mind of what you’d like to take away. Are you hoping to interact with employees of a specific company to get an idea of the culture? Do you want to meet, and connect with five people? Set reasonable goals, and meet them.
    3. Take notes. If you meet someone interesting, chances are you’ll want to follow-up with that person at a later date, right? Right. Do this: When your conversation is finished, jot down a few notes on the back of your new contact’s business card or in your handy dandy notebook. He’ll be impressed when you refer specifically to what he does, or what you talked about at the event.
    4. Share. When they said all you need to know you learned in kindergarten, they weren’t kidding. (No, we don’t know who ‘they’ are either, but it’s true.) If you’re talking with someone, and realize that this person you know could service this other’s person’s need, say so! Offer up your network, and your connections will offer up theirs. After all, that’s what a networking event is all about.
    5. Don’t spam. Our last point here harkens back to our second. You’re not going to meet, nor will you connect with everyone at the event. You’d be surprised — Boulevard Café Catering has attended, and catered enough corporate events to see it happen: The so-called card spammer will focus more on getting his business card in the hands of everyone, and won’t really connect with anyone. Don’t do that.

    With these tips, and a little gumption, you’re armed and ready to make the most out of your next professional networking event. Have fun, and if you’re ever hosting a corporate event in northern Virginia, you know who to call for catering: Boulevard Café Catering.

  • Food Safety Tips for Your Next Northern VA Cookout

    August! Tomorrow marks the first day of August, and it’s hard to believe the summer is flying by so quickly. Soon, your kids will be back in school, and your days will be filled with homework, and boxed lunches, and permission slips. Soon, but not yet.

    You’re determined to enjoy these dog days of summer while they last.

    You’re determined to throw at least one more cookout before summer’s end.

    Boulevard Cafe Catering is determined to keep you food safe in northern VA.

    From the Partnership for Food Safety, consider the following tips:

    Wash your hands.

    Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands.

    Wash your hands (Have we gotten our point across yet?) before and after handling food, and ensure you do so properly. Using warm water and soap, lather and rinse for at least 20 seconds.

    Follow the two-hour rule.

    Perishable foods are a veritable breeding ground for bacteria, and this bacteria will compound and multiply rapidly if its left to sit out for too long. No food (but especially not raw meat) should remain unrefrigerated for longer than two hours. Note: On a day hotter than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, this two-hour rule shrinks to one hour.

    Ice ice, baby.

    A traditional refrigerator is even better, but if you’re hosting a picnic at Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, or elsewhere where you may not have access to such, invest in more ice than you think you’ll need. Ice will keep cold drinks cold, and your food safe to eat.

    Don’t transport coolers filled with food in the trunk.

    The food will be far more safe in the temperature-controlled cab of your car than it will in the hot trunk.

    Store foods separately.

    Raw meat and poultry should be kept away from, and in a separate storage container than cooked foods, fruits, and vegetables. That means: Don’t slice the watermelon on the same cutting board that just held pre-cooked burgers.

    Invest in a food thermometer.

    And use it.

    The Partnership for Food Safety recommends cooking poultry, casserole, and any leftovers to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit; ground meats and egg dishes to 160 degrees Fahrenheit; fresh beef, pork, veal, lamb, ham, and fish to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

    When hosting, and cooking for friends at a summer cookout, it’s always better to be [food] safe than sorry, or better yet:

    Let Boulevard Café Catering do the cooking for your northern VA cookout.

    Get in touch with us about catering your next summer get-together, and we’ll suggest delectable, inventive (and food safe!) menu items that include BBQ baby back ribs, Cajun fried chicken, cucumber and black bean salad, cole slaw, and more.

  • Start the Day Off Right: Let Boulevard Cater Breakfast for Your Next Corporate Event in Northern Virginia

    Everybody’s got to eat. But more so, everybody’s got to eat breakfast.

    Break the fast. Rise and dine.

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and without it, your employees and prospects will slug through the long day of meetings and conference events in northern Virginia with something less than productivity. Don’t let that happen. Let Boulevard cater breakfast.

    Start the day off right with a catered breakfast from Boulevard Cafe Catering!

    As a high-powered meeting planner in Tysons Corner, Virginia, you’ve got your hands full. Why not let us take care of making sure your bellies are full? From breakfast breads to casseroles, fruit to salad, savory dishes and sweet, we have the breakfast catering covered. The expert catering staff at Boulevard Cafe Catering will work with you to make the most of your breakfast and satisfy everyone’s early morning cravings.

    Breakfast Catering Services

    Breakfast Platter

    Breakfast Casserole For Catering Services

    Break the fast in scrumptious style, from the northern Virginia corporate catering experts, Boulevard Cafe Catering.

  • Call Northern Virginia’s Breakfast Caterer for All Of the Healthy Breakfast Options You Need, And the Indulgent Ones You Want


    They say it’s the most important meal of the day.

    And while I’m not quite sure I can say who “they” are, I am sure when I say I agree. A healthy breakfast is key for optimum productivity, and so when you’ve scheduled an early morning meeting, or if you’re looking to kick off a day-long conference, contact northern Virginia’s premier corporate event and breakfast caterer, Boulevard Café Catering, today!

    Choose a continental breakfast.

    Think of the breakfast you often enjoy in the hotel lobby as your travel for business: That’s continental. Served buffet-style, this option is a popular one for healthy breakfast catering, not only because it’s often the most cost-effective, but also because a continental spread is sure to offer something for every taste.

    Continental breakfast catering options from Boulevard include:

    • Assorted pastries and bagels
    • Sunrise Scrambled Eggs
    • And, of course, fresh fruit

    Continental breakfast catering is the perfect choice for team meetings, training events, and/or customer events that may include staff and mid-level management.

    Choose to offer breakfast stations.

    Host a catered breakfast event your staff and guests aren’t soon to forget. Made-to-order, or do-it-yourself breakfast stations put the diners in control: Do I want to opt for a healthy breakfast, or might I be a little more indulgent today?

    Breakfast station options from northern Virginia’s corporate event caterer include:

    • Boulevard Build Your Own Parfait
    • Assorted Bagels and Smoke Salmon Display
    • Boulevard Berry French Toast

    A catered breakfast with stations is the perfect choice for when the event planner wants to add a touch of flair to a continental or traditional breakfast buffet. Mid- and upper-level management are sure to be impressed — and hungry for more.

    Choose a plated catered breakfast.

    Buffet-style catered breakfasts work for some corporate event occasions, but sometimes, there’s a need for a little more formality. That’s when it’s time to consider talking to Boulevard Café Catering about arranging a plated catered breakfast.

    Plated catered breakfast options include:

    • Egg Strata
    • Ham & Bell Pepper Casserole
    • Fresh Baked Quiche Casserole

    A plated catered breakfast is the perfect choice for a corporate event in a more intimate setting, such as an executive breakfast meeting.

    Choose a healthy catered breakfast from Boulevard.

    Everybody’s got health and wellness on the brain, and while pancakes and French toast, and pastries pastries pastries are a much beloved part of breakfast, the demand for healthy breakfast options is growing. Consider serving fresh fruit, and yogurt, and whole grains — and stay away from the fried, greasy foods.

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