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  • Why Fast Customer Service Matters in Catering

    When choosing a caterer, most people look for a company with a reputation for good quality food. However, the customer service you receive is equally important, if not more so. Even if you select a caterer that offers diverse menus featuring the freshest high quality ingredients, your event will not be a success if the service is poor. Guests are far more likely to remember bad service over good food.

    Fast customer service is crucial to the success of your event. This is especially true for corporate events and events with a high number of guests.

    Fast Customer Service

    For events with several people, it’s crucial that your caterer is able to expedite service so that hungry guests are not waiting to eat. The goal should be to get everyone served as quickly as possible. This ensures that everyone is able to eat together.

    At corporate events and meetings, guests typically need to be served and seated quickly. This enables events to continue as planned. It also ensures that employees are able to return to work as soon as possible. Speedy customer service helps keep your event on track.

    Choosing a Caterer

    When looking for a caterer to work with, the customer service you receive over the phone can tell you a lot about the catering service you’ll receive on the day of your event. If the catering company is slow to return your calls or emails, or does not respond at all, it’s probably best to look for a different caterer.

    Customer service begins the moment you contact the company. Fast, friendly customer service from the start indicates a catering company that truly cares about its customers.

    Special Considerations

    If time is a concern for your event, you might need to consider additional ways to speed up food service. Consider choosing a catering company that offers buffet or self-serve options. Of course, it’s still important that the food arrives on time. Self-serve options are not a reliable substitute for fast customer service.

    Reliable Northern Virginia Caterer

    Boulevard Catering offers fast, reliable customer service for corporate events, private parties, weddings and more in Northern Virginia and the Metro DC area. We offer a wide variety of menu choices as well as buffet and self-serve options. Our professional caterers can work with you to create a customized menu for your event. Please contact us for more information about event catering.

  • Host a Summer BBQ in Fairfax, And Let Boulevard Café Catering Help!

    It’s summertime and the living sure is easy.

    No, the creative minds at work behind the scenes here at Boulevard Café Catering didn’t think up that genius tidbit all by ourselves, but it’s as true today as it was when George and Ira Gershwin penned those words, and as true s the day Ella Fitzgerald sang them.

    Summer has the transformative power to wash away all the worries of the workweek, leaving in their stead only the promise of good friends, great craft beer, and even better food as you prepare to host the hottest, hippest Fourth of July / summer BBQ Fairfax has even seen.

    As you plan the quintessential backyard summer BBQ, keep a few things in mind:

    1. Think about staging, and flow.

    Not only does a giant party tent lend an air of importance to any party, but it also means not having to squeeze all of your guests inside your not-so-spacious townhouse in the event of rain. Arrange lounge furniture strategically to encourage mingling and conversation. A few beach balls in the pool say to guests, “Go for a dip!”

    Use red and white checked linens, and blue napkins, and bold, bright flatware to befit the occasion. Pick fresh flowers, and tie them in bundles with patriotic ribbon. There’s no touch too small when hosting a festive mid-summer BBQ.

    2. Hire Boulevard Café Catering.

    The stage is set, and decorations planned — but what’s a summer party without top-notch food? Nothing, that’s what a summer party is without delicious food prepared by northern Virginia’s go-to event caterer, Boulevard Café Catering.

    And we’re not talking just burgers and hot dogs here. Get in touch with us about catering your next summer get-together, and we’ll suggest delectable, inventive menu items that include BBQ baby back ribs, Cajun fried chicken, cucumber and black bean salad, cole slaw, and more.

    3. Relax, and enjoy.

    Your friends are beginning to arrive. The Boulevard Café Catering staff is out back doing their thing. All that’s left for you to do is play the role of host. That’s what you get for hiring a qualified, confident caterer with an expert staff. Host your party. Make sure the kids don’t sneak off to shoot fireworks into anyone’s yard. And enjoy.

    Boulevard Café Catering has the expertise and the know-how to help you host the greatest Fourth of July summer BBQ Fairfax has ever seen. Just ask us!

  • Wedding Fails Don’t Make A Wedding Fail (But They Sure Are Funny)

    It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life: Your wedding day. Little girls don their mothers’ veils, and prance around the house, dreaming of the day they will have their own twirl around the dance floor in white. Young women wait anxiously for the question to be asked, and then spend months on end planning.

    The dress, the venue, the photographer, the food, the details. Everything must be perfect, and usually, it is. But sometimes, things go a little… awry. Maybe the groom gets a little tongue tied, or the best man forgets his feet; maybe an uninvited guest decides to crash the party, or somebody you DID invite has just a bit too much fun.

    And maybe it’ll be immortalized on camera for the world to see.

    5. Like a bowling pin

    4. Mmm, pancakes.

    3. It’s all fun and games until…

    2. Wedding dresses aren’t waterproof.

    1. Beware: Amphibians

    Despite a few hilarious, yet sometimes terrible wedding fails, no wedding that ends with two people happily married has failed. If you’re planning a wedding in northern Virginia, and are interested in discussing Boulevard’s delicious, buffet-style catering options, contact us today!

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