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  • Why Fast Customer Service Matters in Catering

    When choosing a caterer, most people look for a company with a reputation for good quality food. However, the customer service you receive is equally important, if not more so. Even if you select a caterer that offers diverse menus featuring the freshest high quality ingredients, your event will not be a success if the service is poor. Guests are far more likely to remember bad service over good food.

    Fast customer service is crucial to the success of your event. This is especially true for corporate events and events with a high number of guests.

    Fast Customer Service

    For events with several people, it’s crucial that your caterer is able to expedite service so that hungry guests are not waiting to eat. The goal should be to get everyone served as quickly as possible. This ensures that everyone is able to eat together.

    At corporate events and meetings, guests typically need to be served and seated quickly. This enables events to continue as planned. It also ensures that employees are able to return to work as soon as possible. Speedy customer service helps keep your event on track.

    Choosing a Caterer

    When looking for a caterer to work with, the customer service you receive over the phone can tell you a lot about the catering service you’ll receive on the day of your event. If the catering company is slow to return your calls or emails, or does not respond at all, it’s probably best to look for a different caterer.

    Customer service begins the moment you contact the company. Fast, friendly customer service from the start indicates a catering company that truly cares about its customers.

    Special Considerations

    If time is a concern for your event, you might need to consider additional ways to speed up food service. Consider choosing a catering company that offers buffet or self-serve options. Of course, it’s still important that the food arrives on time. Self-serve options are not a reliable substitute for fast customer service.

    Reliable Northern Virginia Caterer

    Boulevard Catering offers fast, reliable customer service for corporate events, private parties, weddings and more in Northern Virginia and the Metro DC area. We offer a wide variety of menu choices as well as buffet and self-serve options. Our professional caterers can work with you to create a customized menu for your event. Please contact us for more information about event catering.

  • Serving Alcohol at Your Corporate Holiday Party? Read This.

    As October turns into November, and planning for the company holiday party kicks into high gear, you’re wondering how, or even if you can mix business and pleasure, to serve alcohol at the annual shindig. The answer is yes, with a little careful planning.

    Consider these tips to keep your employees (& your business) in northern Virginia safe as they imbibe on company time.

    Chat about your company culture.

    Emphasize that drinking to excess at an company event is unacceptable, and will be met with zero tolerance. Include information about alcohol usage in your company code of conduct, and be clear on your expectations (e.g., Is drinking at lunch discouraged? What is the policy for drinking at company events where clients are present?)

    Make attendance optional.

    For no reason should you require that your employees attend events where alcohol will be served, nor should they be recommended to attend. All social gatherings should be strictly voluntary.

    Limit the number of drinks allowed.

    This goes hand-in-hand with your policy prohibiting excess consumption. Give each employee a set number of tickets (Say, two.) for drinks; once those tickets are gone, they’re gone. Serve non-alcoholic beverages — such as juice, soda, water — on an unlimited basis.

    Consider serving just beer and wine.

    Liquor and spirits almost always have a higher alcohol content, and are harder to regulate.

    That being said…

    Hire a professional bartender.

    Never allow your employees to serve themselves, nor each other. Professional bartenders are trained to portion drinks appropriately, and make a living out of cutting people off when they’ve had too much.

    Identify at least one attendee who won’t be drinking.

    Event guests who choose to remain sober can help identify co-workers who may have had too much to drink, and who might need a ride home.

    Review your insurance policies

    Do so to ensure that you are properly covered, and aware of any exclusions in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong.

    Host the party off premises.

    Your employees will be more comfortable and have more fun, and you will be less liable for damages if the event is held at a club or a restaurant, during nonworking hours.

    Never make drinking the focus of the event.

    Provide entertainment; arrange for a guest speaker; schedule games, dancing, raffles, team-building events, or other activities for your employees to participate in. The alcohol is just a bonus!

    Serve food.

    Boulevard Café Catering will provide hot or cold appetizers, entrees, salads, and/or dessert to whet your employees’ appetite, and to make sure no one drinks on an empty stomach.

    Contact us today to discuss hiring Boulevard to cater your corporate holiday party.

  • Smart Tips for Surviving Your Next Northern VA Networking Event

    To get ahead in the business world in northern Virginia, networking is crucial, but it’s not always easy to walk into a room full of strangers and strike up a conversation. But see, here’s the thing: Everyone has come to the same networking event for the same thing, to meet strangers.

    A networking event in northern VA will be what you make it.

    Consider the following tips for navigating a networking event. Go ahead, make some new business connections, and maybe even have a little fun while you’re at it.

    1. Be genuine. If it seems like common sense, that’s because it is. Networking events are meant to lay the groundwork for new professional relationships; be genuine. Be yourself, and watch your network grow.
    2. Set reasonable expectations for yourself and for the event. Go into each and every networking event in northern Virginia with an idea in mind of what you’d like to take away. Are you hoping to interact with employees of a specific company to get an idea of the culture? Do you want to meet, and connect with five people? Set reasonable goals, and meet them.
    3. Take notes. If you meet someone interesting, chances are you’ll want to follow-up with that person at a later date, right? Right. Do this: When your conversation is finished, jot down a few notes on the back of your new contact’s business card or in your handy dandy notebook. He’ll be impressed when you refer specifically to what he does, or what you talked about at the event.
    4. Share. When they said all you need to know you learned in kindergarten, they weren’t kidding. (No, we don’t know who ‘they’ are either, but it’s true.) If you’re talking with someone, and realize that this person you know could service this other’s person’s need, say so! Offer up your network, and your connections will offer up theirs. After all, that’s what a networking event is all about.
    5. Don’t spam. Our last point here harkens back to our second. You’re not going to meet, nor will you connect with everyone at the event. You’d be surprised — Boulevard Café Catering has attended, and catered enough corporate events to see it happen: The so-called card spammer will focus more on getting his business card in the hands of everyone, and won’t really connect with anyone. Don’t do that.

    With these tips, and a little gumption, you’re armed and ready to make the most out of your next professional networking event. Have fun, and if you’re ever hosting a corporate event in northern Virginia, you know who to call for catering: Boulevard Café Catering.

  • For Your Next Corporate Event in Northern Virginia, Choose Boxed Lunch Catering

    When it comes to catering your next corporate event lunch, there’s no choice more clear than boxed lunches from northern Virginia’s preeminent corporate event caterer: Boulevard Café Catering.

    Boxed Lunches for Corporate Events in Northern VA

    No matter if you require the expert corporate event catering assistance of Boulevard Café Catering for an annual meeting, a business retreat, a meet and greet, a special event, or a regular run-of-the-mill staff meeting, our boxed lunch catering services are the right answer. Our highly trained catering consultants know that our corporate event catering clients require special attention to detail — and we’ll cover every one: Detail, that is.

    Boxed Lunch Catering Menu Ideas

    The business of your corporate lunch event may be, shall we say… dry, but the food never will be, not when you leave the preparations to northern Virginia’s corporate event caterer. (That’s us.) Leave the food to our executive chef, and the delivery to the Boulevard Café Catering team, your corporate lunch event is sure to go off without a hitch.

    Boxed lunch options from Boulevard Café Catering include:

    • An assortment of deli sandwiches
    • Chicken salad sandwiches
    • Tuna salad sandwiches

    Served with:

    • Fruit salad, OR
    • Pasta salad, OR
    • Potato salad, AND
    • Chips, AND
    • The best part: Dessert

    When you choose to served boxed lunches at your next catered corporate lunch event, Boulevard Café Catering will also provide all of the necessary condiments and utensil. (When we said we’d handle every detail, we meant it.)

    If food to serve at your next corporate event is the question…

    Boxed Lunch Catering from Boulevard in Northern Virginia is the answer.

  • Call Northern Virginia’s Breakfast Caterer for All Of the Healthy Breakfast Options You Need, And the Indulgent Ones You Want


    They say it’s the most important meal of the day.

    And while I’m not quite sure I can say who “they” are, I am sure when I say I agree. A healthy breakfast is key for optimum productivity, and so when you’ve scheduled an early morning meeting, or if you’re looking to kick off a day-long conference, contact northern Virginia’s premier corporate event and breakfast caterer, Boulevard Café Catering, today!

    Choose a continental breakfast.

    Think of the breakfast you often enjoy in the hotel lobby as your travel for business: That’s continental. Served buffet-style, this option is a popular one for healthy breakfast catering, not only because it’s often the most cost-effective, but also because a continental spread is sure to offer something for every taste.

    Continental breakfast catering options from Boulevard include:

    • Assorted pastries and bagels
    • Sunrise Scrambled Eggs
    • And, of course, fresh fruit

    Continental breakfast catering is the perfect choice for team meetings, training events, and/or customer events that may include staff and mid-level management.

    Choose to offer breakfast stations.

    Host a catered breakfast event your staff and guests aren’t soon to forget. Made-to-order, or do-it-yourself breakfast stations put the diners in control: Do I want to opt for a healthy breakfast, or might I be a little more indulgent today?

    Breakfast station options from northern Virginia’s corporate event caterer include:

    • Boulevard Build Your Own Parfait
    • Assorted Bagels and Smoke Salmon Display
    • Boulevard Berry French Toast

    A catered breakfast with stations is the perfect choice for when the event planner wants to add a touch of flair to a continental or traditional breakfast buffet. Mid- and upper-level management are sure to be impressed — and hungry for more.

    Choose a plated catered breakfast.

    Buffet-style catered breakfasts work for some corporate event occasions, but sometimes, there’s a need for a little more formality. That’s when it’s time to consider talking to Boulevard Café Catering about arranging a plated catered breakfast.

    Plated catered breakfast options include:

    • Egg Strata
    • Ham & Bell Pepper Casserole
    • Fresh Baked Quiche Casserole

    A plated catered breakfast is the perfect choice for a corporate event in a more intimate setting, such as an executive breakfast meeting.

    Choose a healthy catered breakfast from Boulevard.

    Everybody’s got health and wellness on the brain, and while pancakes and French toast, and pastries pastries pastries are a much beloved part of breakfast, the demand for healthy breakfast options is growing. Consider serving fresh fruit, and yogurt, and whole grains — and stay away from the fried, greasy foods.

  • Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Cuisine & Culture From Boulevard Cafe Catering


    McLean, Virginia — April 29, 2015

    Did you know? Many people mistakenly believe Cinco de Mayo to be Mexico’s day of independence, but the holiday’s true origin is rooted in the year 1862, when the Mexican army achieved an unlikely victory against the French. And so every year, on the fifth day of May — El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (or The Day of the Battle of Puebla) — the Mexican people honor their history and heritage with culture… and cuisine. In celebration, the McLean, Virginia-based corporate and event caterer Boulevard Café Catering is offering a scrumptious menu of traditional Mexican dishes, available to feed 12 or more guests, May 4-8.

    Appetizer and entrée selections include:

    • The Cantina Dipping Platter: A trio of Mexican shrimp ceviche, creamy turkey chili dip & warm cheese sauce, served with tri-color chili corn tortillas chips.
    • Seven Layer Dip: Mexican seasoned black beans, topped with chopped black olives, jalapenos, red onions, guacamole, shredded cheese & sour cream; and served with homemade tortilla chips.
    • The Three Amigos Taco Platter: Carnitas (pulled pork), barbacoa (slow cooked beef) & seasoned shredded chicken with salsa verde, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, flour tortillas, corn taco shells & tortilla chips; and served with cilantro rice & black beans.
    • Traditional Chicken Tamales: Served with refried beans, tortilla chips, salsa & an avocado chopped salad.
    • Chicken or Beef Enchiladas: Topped with tomatillo salsa & melted cheese; and served with Mexican rice, pinto beans and a fiesta salad.

    Call Boulevard Café Catering at (703) 883-0557.

    About Boulevard Café Catering

    Local icons Mike and Samar Rafeedie have been serving the Northern Virginia community for more than 25 years. Mike leveraged the skills and business experience of working in his family’s restaurant as a teenager to open his first deli and pizzeria in 1978. After the birth of their second child, Samar joined Mike to open Boulevard Café and the two have had a hand in developing each piece of their business. Boulevard Café quickly responded to their increasing customer demand, adding a full service catering option to their in store selections. With diverse menu selections to complement three decades of unparalleled service, Boulevard Café Catering has become a celebrated local institution for the business professional.

  • Say Thank You with a Catered Lunch During Administrative Professionals Week in Northern Virginia, April 20–24

    Have you thanked your administrative professional this week?

    Yes? Good.

    No? Go thank her (or him!); we’ll wait.

    With the aid of skilled administrative professionals, businesses everywhere would flounder, even and especially in northern Virginia. Who would answer the phones, and greet our appointments? Who would sort the mail, and sign for FedEx deliveries. *shudder* I don’t even want to imagine a world without administrative professionals. Thankfully, I don’t have to. And neither do you.

    What you, and you, and you, and I have to do is appreciate the administrative professionals in our lives — every day, and every week, but especially this week. It’s Administrative Professionals Week, and to celebrate, Boulevard Cafe Catering has compiled this list of five very special ways to show your administrative professionals you care (including a few very special catering specials).

    Brighten up her desk.

    It’s the traditional and classic Administrative Professionals Day gift for a reason. A beautiful floral arrangement will brighten up her desk, and her day. And when you call the florist, be sure to ask them to use seasonal flowers to create something unique and unexpected.

    Get the whole team involved.

    A card is nice. And flowers are too. But she deserves more, don’t you think — for all the hard work she puts in all year, and not just for you. Gather the whole team, and ask them to write down anecdotes and memories detailing times when your administrative professional went above and beyond for the office. A collection such as this will be something she’ll treasure, and will provide tangible evidence of the value of her work.

    Show her you pay attention.

    It’s your administrative professional’s job to pay attention: She keeps your calendar, and knows how you like your coffee; it’s your turn to return the favor. Take this Administrative Professionals Day as an opportunity to take interest in her interests. Does she love to cook? Pick up a copy of the hottest new cookbook in the store. Is she a huge Washington Nationals fan? Buy her tickets to a game, and give her the afternoon off.

    Take a walk in her shoes.

    Have a little fun this Administrative Professionals Week, and take a shift at the reception desk; invite other members of your executive team to do the same. Send your administrative professional off on a long lunch, or let her sit back and laugh as you try to do her job.

    Hey, speaking of lunch…

    They say the fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. And as northern Virginia’s official corporate event caterer, we’re here to tell you it’s true. Say thank you to all of the administrative professionals in your office with a special catered lunch from Boulevard Cafe Catering.

    Cards, and presents, and lunch from Boulevard Cafe Catering are a great way to show your staff you care during Administrative Professionals Week, but don’t let your appreciation stop there. Tell your favorite admin pro — daily, weekly, monthly — that you recognize and value their contribution to your enterprise.

  • Your Corporate Event Won’t Stink When You Avoid These Foods

    See, there’s this meeting coming up, and even the boss knows it’s going to be… less than fun. So he’s decided to cater lunch for your team. (That’s very nice of him, don’t you think? If you have to sit in an all-day meeting, it’s only right that you get a meal out of the deal.)

    He decided to cater lunch for your team, but he’s a little stumped: He doesn’t know from where to order, or what to order, or perhaps more importantly — what not to order. The answer to the first question is clear, you told him when he asked for your advice: Boulevard Café Catering.

    The answer to the second question is a little trickier. You should order the food you know everyone will enjoy, right? Yes. And no. Feeding corporate event guests (even when they’re required to attend– such is the case with your meeting) is about good food and flavor, but just as much, it’s about… not being stinky.

    Take our word for it.

    Don’t include these foods in your next northern Virginia corporate event catering order.


    Lunch Catering | Meeting Catering | Northern Virginia

    Nobody doesn’t love a warm bowl of curry over rice. This Indian and Asian staple, with its rich, spicy flavor awakens the senses. But maybe not always in a good way. In a closed-off conference room, the smell of curry might, for some, be more reminiscent of body odor than a home-cooked meal. Don’t order curry to feed the guests at your next corporate event.

    Anything Mexican

    Corporate Event Catering | Tysons Corner VA

    Tacos, and quesadillas, and burritos. Oh my! Our mouths are watering just thinking about it. But what’s a taco without an ice cold beer? Nothing, that’s what. And since drinking during work hours is strictly prohibited, do your colleagues a favor and order something else.


    Lunch Catering | Corporate Event Catering | Tysons Corner VA

    Do we even need to explain this one? Fish is delicious: Tuna or salmon, sushi or smoked. We love it however you give it to us. But let’s be honest. There is no spice, nor herb, nor lemon that will cover up the stench that lingers.


    Lunch Catering | Tysons Corner VA

    Wait. Vegetables, really?!

    Yes, really. But not all vegetables. Just the cooked ones. Sure, they’re healthy and chock full of the vitamins and nutrients a body needs, but fibrous greens (Think broccoli, asparagus, and cabbage.) get a little — shall we say — funky when warmed over. Opt for a crudite platter instead.

    Looking for meeting or corporate event catering in Tysons Corner, Virginia?

    You found it! Family owned and operated since 1978, Boulevard Cafe Catering can handle any number of different corporate catering requirements. From breakfasts to box lunches to the most sophisticated office parties, we can help. Don’t let your next meeting or corporate event take place without great catering from Boulevard! The food can make your event a success (even if the powerpoint presentation is boring!).

  • Boulevard Cafe Catering: Northern VA Corporate Event Catering At Its Finest

    Recently, a Washington, DC-based professional association came to Boulevard Cafe Catering with a request to feed nearly 200 on the final night of their annual conference and meeting. From the first table setting, to the final cleared plate, Boulevard is the clear choice for all of your corporate event catering needs.

    On the menu

    Before dinner was served, corporate event guests whet their appetites on fresh baked bread, and a beautiful salad of baby greens, fresh raspberries, poached pears, crumbled blue cheese & caramelized nuts.

    Then came the main course: Duo of sliced beef medallions and french-cut chicken breast, served with string bean bundles and fingerling potatoes.

    And what’s dinner without dessert? Our mango mousse was a big hit.

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    Boulevard prides itself on [corporate event] catering to northern Virginia’s most discerning palates.

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