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  • Eat Healthier at Work in 2017

    eat healthier | healthy eating | new year's resolutions | tysons corner vaJust like that, it’s January again. And in January, two things happen: We recommence spending the majority of our time in our Tysons Corner VA offices, and making resolutions to eat healthier in 2017.

    You’re trading the cake for kale, the suds for seltzer, and the channel surfing on the couch for a daily dose of cardio; the year is not yet two weeks young, and you’ve got a long way to go to meet your goals, but you’re committed to making the right choices.

    At home, it’s easy to do, but at work, temptations are many: cookies in the break room, the catered corporate lunch, happy hour invitations. How can you say no? It’s not easy, but you can do it. N-O.

    Your office eating habits can have a profound impact on how well you do, or don’t keep up with those New Year’s resolutions. Resolve to eat healthier at work.

    Work the workday into your diet.

    The best thing about spending most of your day at work, on a set schedule, is the opportunity to make a plan. Block out ten minutes in the morning to have a healthy snack, and then take a break for lunch. Weight loss isn’t about eating less, but eating healthy. Planned snacks (Think almonds, or cheese, or fruit.) and a designated lunchtime should be priority items on your to-do list, every day.

    Pack your lunch.

    Plan, and then prepare. Fill your lunchbox with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains; and make sure to keep a few more healthy options on hand in you’re desk for those days you’re just not feeling the brown bag. When you’re presented with multiple nutritious options, you’re less likely to give in when the lunching ladies come to call.

    Make appointments with your water.

    There’s eating right, and then there’s staying hydrated. We all know how important it is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, but it’s just as easy to just… forget. Set a calendar reminder for once every half hour, and then drink up!

    Indulge, in moderation.

    A commitment to healthy office eating habits doesn’t mean you’ll never get to have another of Carol’s cupcakes. It doesn’t mean you’ll never get to gab over greasy cheeseburgers on Friday afternoons, and it doesn’t mean you won’t get to enjoy the southern fried chicken your boss always orders from Boulevard Cafe Catering for the company retreat. It just means you have one cupcake a month (not a week). It means that you opt for a salad instead of a burger, and for one piece of chicken instead of two. Go ahead: Indulge. It’s the spice of life, but just like any other, a little goes a long way.

  • Say Thank You with a Catered Lunch During Administrative Professionals Week in Northern Virginia, April 20–24

    Have you thanked your administrative professional this week?

    Yes? Good.

    No? Go thank her (or him!); we’ll wait.

    With the aid of skilled administrative professionals, businesses everywhere would flounder, even and especially in northern Virginia. Who would answer the phones, and greet our appointments? Who would sort the mail, and sign for FedEx deliveries. *shudder* I don’t even want to imagine a world without administrative professionals. Thankfully, I don’t have to. And neither do you.

    What you, and you, and you, and I have to do is appreciate the administrative professionals in our lives — every day, and every week, but especially this week. It’s Administrative Professionals Week, and to celebrate, Boulevard Cafe Catering has compiled this list of five very special ways to show your administrative professionals you care (including a few very special catering specials).

    Brighten up her desk.

    It’s the traditional and classic Administrative Professionals Day gift for a reason. A beautiful floral arrangement will brighten up her desk, and her day. And when you call the florist, be sure to ask them to use seasonal flowers to create something unique and unexpected.

    Get the whole team involved.

    A card is nice. And flowers are too. But she deserves more, don’t you think — for all the hard work she puts in all year, and not just for you. Gather the whole team, and ask them to write down anecdotes and memories detailing times when your administrative professional went above and beyond for the office. A collection such as this will be something she’ll treasure, and will provide tangible evidence of the value of her work.

    Show her you pay attention.

    It’s your administrative professional’s job to pay attention: She keeps your calendar, and knows how you like your coffee; it’s your turn to return the favor. Take this Administrative Professionals Day as an opportunity to take interest in her interests. Does she love to cook? Pick up a copy of the hottest new cookbook in the store. Is she a huge Washington Nationals fan? Buy her tickets to a game, and give her the afternoon off.

    Take a walk in her shoes.

    Have a little fun this Administrative Professionals Week, and take a shift at the reception desk; invite other members of your executive team to do the same. Send your administrative professional off on a long lunch, or let her sit back and laugh as you try to do her job.

    Hey, speaking of lunch…

    They say the fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. And as northern Virginia’s official corporate event caterer, we’re here to tell you it’s true. Say thank you to all of the administrative professionals in your office with a special catered lunch from Boulevard Cafe Catering.

    Cards, and presents, and lunch from Boulevard Cafe Catering are a great way to show your staff you care during Administrative Professionals Week, but don’t let your appreciation stop there. Tell your favorite admin pro — daily, weekly, monthly — that you recognize and value their contribution to your enterprise.

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