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Summer is Fun & So Should Your Company Picnic Be!

Summer is for long lazy days at the pool, raucous concerts under the stars, and for company picnics. Corporate company picnics are a great way to say to your employees, “Thanks for all your hard work.” They give everyone a chance to relax, to socialize, to network, to eat and to drink, and to enjoy the summer season before it’s gone.

Summer is fun, and so are company picnics.

So much so that you’ve decided to throw one of your own. Your employees will be surprised, and delighted, and it’ll be all the talk around the water cooler — at least it might be… if only you could decide on the theme.

Boulevard Café Catering can help (with more than just the theme, but let’s start there). Consider the following, oh so popular themes, and which might be right for your next summer company picnic.

Host an international food themed picnic.

Incorporating foods from around the globe into your next corporate event is as trendy as it can be tasty. The menu options here are nearly endless: taco salad, German potato salad, whole roasted jerk chicken, and all the fixings. As your corporate event caterer, Boulevard Café Catering can help develop a picnic menu that is as Mexican, or Mediterranean as you want it to be.

Host a sports themed picnic.

Oh, there’s so much you can do. Think a day at the ballpark, or a tailgating extravaganza. Think food that can be eaten on the run, as your CFO is rounding the bases. Hot dogs and hamburgers. Ice cream and snow cones and cotton candy. Sounds like a great and tasty time to me.

Host a kid-friendly picnic.

At one company picnic we helped cater last year, they really went all out for the kids. There were bounce houses and obstacle courses and lawn games. It was so much fun. It’s a great idea for companies like yours with young families to schedule events and activities that keep the littlest ones occupied, so the adults have time to do all that socializing we talked about.

Maybe a 1950s themed picnic is more your style, or maybe you think “a picnic with food and music” is theme enough… No matter, we can help take your idea (or we’ll suggest a few more of our own) and turn it into a summer picnic to beat all.

Contact Boulevard Café Catering to discuss the menu for your upcoming company picnic.

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