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Your Corporate Event Won’t Stink When You Avoid These Foods

See, there’s this meeting coming up, and even the boss knows it’s going to be… less than fun. So he’s decided to cater lunch for your team. (That’s very nice of him, don’t you think? If you have to sit in an all-day meeting, it’s only right that you get a meal out of the deal.)

He decided to cater lunch for your team, but he’s a little stumped: He doesn’t know from where to order, or what to order, or perhaps more importantly — what not to order. The answer to the first question is clear, you told him when he asked for your advice: Boulevard Café Catering.

The answer to the second question is a little trickier. You should order the food you know everyone will enjoy, right? Yes. And no. Feeding corporate event guests (even when they’re required to attend– such is the case with your meeting) is about good food and flavor, but just as much, it’s about… not being stinky.

Take our word for it.

Don’t include these foods in your next northern Virginia corporate event catering order.


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Nobody doesn’t love a warm bowl of curry over rice. This Indian and Asian staple, with its rich, spicy flavor awakens the senses. But maybe not always in a good way. In a closed-off conference room, the smell of curry might, for some, be more reminiscent of body odor than a home-cooked meal. Don’t order curry to feed the guests at your next corporate event.

Anything Mexican

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Tacos, and quesadillas, and burritos. Oh my! Our mouths are watering just thinking about it. But what’s a taco without an ice cold beer? Nothing, that’s what. And since drinking during work hours is strictly prohibited, do your colleagues a favor and order something else.


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Do we even need to explain this one? Fish is delicious: Tuna or salmon, sushi or smoked. We love it however you give it to us. But let’s be honest. There is no spice, nor herb, nor lemon that will cover up the stench that lingers.


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Wait. Vegetables, really?!

Yes, really. But not all vegetables. Just the cooked ones. Sure, they’re healthy and chock full of the vitamins and nutrients a body needs, but fibrous greens (Think broccoli, asparagus, and cabbage.) get a little — shall we say — funky when warmed over. Opt for a crudite platter instead.

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You found it! Family owned and operated since 1978, Boulevard Cafe Catering can handle any number of different corporate catering requirements. From breakfasts to box lunches to the most sophisticated office parties, we can help. Don’t let your next meeting or corporate event take place without great catering from Boulevard! The food can make your event a success (even if the powerpoint presentation is boring!).

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