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A Hungry World Watches as Paris Dines in White, Tonight

It’s time again for Le Diner en Blanc — that is literally translated, the White Dinner!

And by time again, we mean now. Native Parisians and tourists alike are roaming the streets of Paris clad in white, hoping to stumble upon the party to end all parties in the city of love tonight.


[To eat and drink] in the street and all without police permission: Yes, those are the participants of the traditional Le Diner en Blanc, the largest annual event dedicated to Parisian high society. Every year since 1988, thousands of people have gathered in a location held secret until the last minute for a dinner in good company. In 2014, more than 12,000 participants gathered on six bridges of Paris respecting the traditional “dress-code” dressed all in white. The event takes place every year around June 15 in emblematic places of the capital with a predilection for posh places — the front of Notre Dame, the Place des Vosges or the Place de la Concorde have already welcomed the guests.

Where will Le Diner en Blanc 2015 take place?

An envious world watches as to-be diners gather in anticipation.


Le Diner en Blanc is nothing if not exclusive.

Only “members” of the movement launched by François Pasquier in the Bois de Boulogne when he was 27 years old can participate. Those lucky enough to be invited do, however, have the right to invite someone who can then become a full member themselves, and thus contribute to the expansion of the event while keeping the program very “select”.


For 27 years, the event has grown so successful that it’s expanded to cities around the globe including New York, San Francisco, Canberra (Australia), and even our very own capital, Washington DC. Here we sit, and we feast with hungry eyes as the city of Paris feasts in white.

Italicized text originally published by (and translated from) LeJDD on Thursday, June 11, 2015.

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