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Call Northern Virginia’s Breakfast Caterer for All Of the Healthy Breakfast Options You Need, And the Indulgent Ones You Want


They say it’s the most important meal of the day.

And while I’m not quite sure I can say who “they” are, I am sure when I say I agree. A healthy breakfast is key for optimum productivity, and so when you’ve scheduled an early morning meeting, or if you’re looking to kick off a day-long conference, contact northern Virginia’s premier corporate event and breakfast caterer, Boulevard Café Catering, today!

Choose a continental breakfast.

Think of the breakfast you often enjoy in the hotel lobby as your travel for business: That’s continental. Served buffet-style, this option is a popular one for healthy breakfast catering, not only because it’s often the most cost-effective, but also because a continental spread is sure to offer something for every taste.

Continental breakfast catering options from Boulevard include:

  • Assorted pastries and bagels
  • Sunrise Scrambled Eggs
  • And, of course, fresh fruit

Continental breakfast catering is the perfect choice for team meetings, training events, and/or customer events that may include staff and mid-level management.

Choose to offer breakfast stations.

Host a catered breakfast event your staff and guests aren’t soon to forget. Made-to-order, or do-it-yourself breakfast stations put the diners in control: Do I want to opt for a healthy breakfast, or might I be a little more indulgent today?

Breakfast station options from northern Virginia’s corporate event caterer include:

  • Boulevard Build Your Own Parfait
  • Assorted Bagels and Smoke Salmon Display
  • Boulevard Berry French Toast

A catered breakfast with stations is the perfect choice for when the event planner wants to add a touch of flair to a continental or traditional breakfast buffet. Mid- and upper-level management are sure to be impressed — and hungry for more.

Choose a plated catered breakfast.

Buffet-style catered breakfasts work for some corporate event occasions, but sometimes, there’s a need for a little more formality. That’s when it’s time to consider talking to Boulevard Café Catering about arranging a plated catered breakfast.

Plated catered breakfast options include:

  • Egg Strata
  • Ham & Bell Pepper Casserole
  • Fresh Baked Quiche Casserole

A plated catered breakfast is the perfect choice for a corporate event in a more intimate setting, such as an executive breakfast meeting.

Choose a healthy catered breakfast from Boulevard.

Everybody’s got health and wellness on the brain, and while pancakes and French toast, and pastries pastries pastries are a much beloved part of breakfast, the demand for healthy breakfast options is growing. Consider serving fresh fruit, and yogurt, and whole grains — and stay away from the fried, greasy foods.

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