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Catering for Pharmaceutical Reps

Pharmaceutical Rep CateringCatering for pharmaceutical reps is a unique aspect to Boulevard Catering. Catering for doctor offices is something that every pharma rep does; since the office staff is always busy and the docs are even busier, bringing in a catered lunch is a great way to help them through their day. Often times, the only chance you may have is to catch doctors and physicians assistants is during lunch, so you need to make it a good one!

Phrama Rep Catering in Tysons Corner

Doctor and physician offices have unique catering needs mostly because of scheduling. Deliveries must be made on time, or they may as well not happen! That’s why selecting a catering company who understands the particular needs of doctor office catering is so important. Similarly, when a pharmaceutical rep stops by to pick up an order to bring with them, it has to be ready on time and correctly.

All of the big phramaceutical companies have representatives scouring the many doctor offices in the Tysons Corner and McLean area. The trick is to find a great catering company that knows what your job is and how they can help you make the best choices.

That’s where Boulevard Catering comes into play.

Pharmaceutical Reps Catering Choices

Boulevard is the #1 choice for doctor office catering in the northern Virginia area.

There really is no other choice! We have been in business for over 25 years. In that time, we have developed relationships with not only many of the area doctor and professional offices, but also with the many Pharma and medical equipment reps who serve them.

At Boulevard Catering, we know you have many choices for your doctor office catering needs. Next time you need to get a lunch ready for an office staff, give us a call. We have the experience you need to get set up quickly, efficiently and with food that will make your clients happy! And really, that’s what it’s all about.

Catering in the Center of Tysons Corner

One of our best assets for Pharma Rep Catering is our location. We are located on Greensboro Drive, right in the heart of Tysons Corner. That means whether you schedule a delivery or a pick up, we’re right where you need us to be.

If you are a Pharma Rep and need a great partner to set up catering for all of your clients, you need to call Boulevard today. We’ll take great care of you, so you can take great care of your doctor clients.

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