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  • Benefits of Corporate Catering for Your Events

    Corporate events are the perfect opportunity to make new contacts, discuss new ideas, and gain new customers. From special guests to booking the venue, there are several things to consider when planning a corporate event. However, there is one aspect that should never be overlooked. The food that you serve can have a major impact on the overall success of your event.

    Having the right food and service helps make a positive impression and ensures that everyone leaves feeling fully satisfied. The right corporate catering can take your event to the next level.

    Save Time and Money

    A corporate caterer takes care of the food so that you can focus your attention on other important aspects of your event. An experienced caterer handles the menu, preparation, presentation, service, and cleanup. They work hard to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible.

    Many people have trouble figuring out how much food to serve at their event. It’s not uncommon to serve more than necessary when handling the food on your own. The cost of ingredients to prepare this food can be significant. A professional caterer can help you determine how much food to serve so that you aren’t left with piles of leftovers. They are able to provide high quality food and diverse menus for a fraction of the cost.

    Provide More Options

    Corporate catering companies provide a large selection of high quality food. Experienced caterers are able to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. This ensures that everyone at your event is able to enjoy the food.

    High Quality Food

    Your attendees are sure to notice the extra effort you put into the food. Catering companies have years of experience preparing diverse menus. Using a professional caterer ensures that everything is prepared properly, eliminating the risk of illness from undercooked food or cross-contamination of allergens.

    Boulevard Catering offers corporate catering for events in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. We offer a wide selection of menu items and are able to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. Please visit our corporate catering page for more information about our corporate catering services or to order online now.

  • Why Fast Customer Service Matters in Catering

    When choosing a caterer, most people look for a company with a reputation for good quality food. However, the customer service you receive is equally important, if not more so. Even if you select a caterer that offers diverse menus featuring the freshest high quality ingredients, your event will not be a success if the service is poor. Guests are far more likely to remember bad service over good food.

    Fast customer service is crucial to the success of your event. This is especially true for corporate events and events with a high number of guests.

    Fast Customer Service

    For events with several people, it’s crucial that your caterer is able to expedite service so that hungry guests are not waiting to eat. The goal should be to get everyone served as quickly as possible. This ensures that everyone is able to eat together.

    At corporate events and meetings, guests typically need to be served and seated quickly. This enables events to continue as planned. It also ensures that employees are able to return to work as soon as possible. Speedy customer service helps keep your event on track.

    Choosing a Caterer

    When looking for a caterer to work with, the customer service you receive over the phone can tell you a lot about the catering service you’ll receive on the day of your event. If the catering company is slow to return your calls or emails, or does not respond at all, it’s probably best to look for a different caterer.

    Customer service begins the moment you contact the company. Fast, friendly customer service from the start indicates a catering company that truly cares about its customers.

    Special Considerations

    If time is a concern for your event, you might need to consider additional ways to speed up food service. Consider choosing a catering company that offers buffet or self-serve options. Of course, it’s still important that the food arrives on time. Self-serve options are not a reliable substitute for fast customer service.

    Reliable Northern Virginia Caterer

    Boulevard Catering offers fast, reliable customer service for corporate events, private parties, weddings and more in Northern Virginia and the Metro DC area. We offer a wide variety of menu choices as well as buffet and self-serve options. Our professional caterers can work with you to create a customized menu for your event. Please contact us for more information about event catering.

  • Holiday Catering Ideas

    christmas party catering ideasThe holiday season is upon us. The shops are stocked with holiday décor, holiday trees are up and many Northern Virginia homes are already covered in twinkling lights. This is the time of year for cozy fires, warm drinks and holiday parties.

    Planning a holiday party takes a lot of time and effort. There are a number of things that must be considered, none quite as important as the food. The food served at a holiday party can leave a lasting impression. You’ll want to make sure it’s a good one.

    Hiring a caterer eliminates the stress and hassle associated with planning, preparing and serving food. This allows you to focus your attention on other important aspects of your event. Boulevard Catering can provide your holiday party with exceptional food and service. We offer several menu options and are able to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions.

    The following holiday catering ideas can help make your holiday party a success.

    Holiday Party Décor

    Make your party special with a holiday theme. Your guests are sure to notice the extra effort you put into the décor. This year’s hottest party trends include mason jars as decorations or centerpieces and mismatched tableware. Consider decorating with natural materials such as pinecones, twigs and mistletoe. Burlap and sisal details help complete this fun, rustic look.

    Holiday Brunch

    Most people stick to an evening meal for holiday parties. Change things up this year by serving your guest a holiday brunch instead. Boulevard Catering offers several options such as Crème Brulee French Toast, delicious Egg Sandwiches and Classic Quiche Casserole.

    Corporate Lunch Party

    Meals served in the middle of the day give your employees a much-needed break and provide them with the motivation needed to be more productive in the afternoon. Also, team members are more likely to attend your holiday party if you plan it during work hours.

    Be Clear About Your Timeframe

    Without a clear idea of timing, it’s almost impossible to plan the food. Make sure that you set a timeframe for your party and communicate it with your guests. This will help avoid any confusion and will ensure that your holiday party runs smoothly.

    Boulevard Catering offers catering for corporate and private events in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. Our services are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our experienced team can help you create the perfect menu for your holiday event. Please contact us for more information.

  • Top Trends in Catering for 2018!

    item-3Since opening our business in 1987, we’ve seen a lot of catering trends come and go. Today, more and more people expect high quality food and exceptional service. They also want plenty of options. Sticking with current trends is crucial if you want your event to be a success. The following are the top current trends in catering as we head towards 2018:

    Local Cuisine

    Serving dishes that are specific to your event’s location provides out of town guests with a truly unique experience. Your local guests are sure to appreciate the local cuisine as well.

    Choosing a caterer that uses locally sourced ingredients can take your event to the next level. Supporting local farms is good for your local economy and ensures the freshest ingredients possible. Boulevard Catering sources most of our produce from local farms.

    Healthy Options


    The food you serve can make a big difference in how your guests remember your event. Foods that are very rich and high in fat and calories can leave your guests feeling sluggish and uncomfortable. Providing options that are healthy and light, yet flavorful and satisfying ensures your guests remain alert and happy throughout your entire event.

    Choose high protein, low-fat meats such as turkey, chicken or salmon. Remember to offer vegan and gluten free options as well. Boulevard Catering offers a variety of healthy options. We are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions.

    Small Plates

    Serving a selection of small plates and appetizers allows your guests to try a variety of dishes. This approach also reduces food waste and costs less than serving an entire meal. Small plates and appetizers are the perfect choice for lunch receptions and events that take place between meals.

    Northern Virginia Caterers

    Boulevard Catering offers catering services throughout Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. We offer a wide variety of menu options and are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions. We offer a number of healthy, gluten free and vegan options. We use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

    Our catering services are available for special events, weddings, corporate events, parties and more. Please contact us for more information about our Northern Virginia catering services.

  • Eat Healthier at Work in 2017

    eat healthier | healthy eating | new year's resolutions | tysons corner vaJust like that, it’s January again. And in January, two things happen: We recommence spending the majority of our time in our Tysons Corner VA offices, and making resolutions to eat healthier in 2017.

    You’re trading the cake for kale, the suds for seltzer, and the channel surfing on the couch for a daily dose of cardio; the year is not yet two weeks young, and you’ve got a long way to go to meet your goals, but you’re committed to making the right choices.

    At home, it’s easy to do, but at work, temptations are many: cookies in the break room, the catered corporate lunch, happy hour invitations. How can you say no? It’s not easy, but you can do it. N-O.

    Your office eating habits can have a profound impact on how well you do, or don’t keep up with those New Year’s resolutions. Resolve to eat healthier at work.

    Work the workday into your diet.

    The best thing about spending most of your day at work, on a set schedule, is the opportunity to make a plan. Block out ten minutes in the morning to have a healthy snack, and then take a break for lunch. Weight loss isn’t about eating less, but eating healthy. Planned snacks (Think almonds, or cheese, or fruit.) and a designated lunchtime should be priority items on your to-do list, every day.

    Pack your lunch.

    Plan, and then prepare. Fill your lunchbox with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains; and make sure to keep a few more healthy options on hand in you’re desk for those days you’re just not feeling the brown bag. When you’re presented with multiple nutritious options, you’re less likely to give in when the lunching ladies come to call.

    Make appointments with your water.

    There’s eating right, and then there’s staying hydrated. We all know how important it is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, but it’s just as easy to just… forget. Set a calendar reminder for once every half hour, and then drink up!

    Indulge, in moderation.

    A commitment to healthy office eating habits doesn’t mean you’ll never get to have another of Carol’s cupcakes. It doesn’t mean you’ll never get to gab over greasy cheeseburgers on Friday afternoons, and it doesn’t mean you won’t get to enjoy the southern fried chicken your boss always orders from Boulevard Cafe Catering for the company retreat. It just means you have one cupcake a month (not a week). It means that you opt for a salad instead of a burger, and for one piece of chicken instead of two. Go ahead: Indulge. It’s the spice of life, but just like any other, a little goes a long way.

  • Celebrate the Season with a Few of Our Favorite Festive Film Feasts

    Working hard? Be honest, there’s a whole lot more ‘hardly working’ happening in the office today. Three days before Christmas, everyone’s ready to celebrate. We’re all daydreaming of sugar cookies and Santa, carols and cocoa — the year-end reports will be there next week. So plug in your headphones; pretend you’re focused and on task; and relive a few of your most cherished memories with Ralphie and the Goodfellas while you hum “Christmas is All Around Us.”

    National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

    Goodfellas (1990)

    Love Actually (2003)

    A Christmas Story (1983)

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays, and a happy new year too — from the Bouelvard Cafe Catering family to yours.

  • Your Themed Office Holiday Party Will Leave Guests Saying, Wow!

    Christmas Catering ServiceChristmas! It’s Christmas time!

    Okay, well maybe not quite yet. Thanksgiving comes first, next week, but then it’s Christmas time! And in this jolliest season of the year, there is much to anticipate, much fun to be had. Parades of light, deck the halls, mulled cider, and the office holiday party.

    Everyone knows the best part of Christmas is the office holiday party!

    But don’t just throw any ol’ party. Throw a great themed party.

    Throw A Christmas Story party.

    Maybe you love it. Maybe you hate it. Maybe you want to buy Ralphie that Red Ryder BB Gun yourself, or maybe you agree: He’ll shoot his eye out. Whatever your take on the matter, the classic holiday film is just that… a classic.

    Just as A Christmas Story is set in the 1940s, so, too, should your A Christmas Story Christmas party be. Serve a holiday menu of duck and turkey — but be sure to keep the dog away! Decade-appropriate beverages and dessert should include Coca-Cola in glass bottles, root beer floats, Bit-o-Honey candies, Bazooka bubble gum, and Almond Joys.

    Set a traditional scene with an elegant lit Christmas tree, a bar of soap for the naughty fudgers, themed prizes, and heavens, don’t forget the leg lamp photo opp!

    Throw a masquerade ball.

    If shtick isn’t your thing, and fancy is more your style, a formal masquerade ball is the IT party to throw! Gather your guest list, stock up on decorative masks for each of your guests, and decorate your home in rich purples and golds.

    Any masquerade ball is a fancy party, and the food your serve at your masquerade ball should be just as fancy as the next. Serve a menu of passed hors d’oeuvres (May we suggest Mini Quiche Bites?) and champagne cocktails.

    A high-class affair needs high-class entertainment. Hire a string quartet or live jazz musicians to entertain the masked masses; strike up the band, and fill the dance floor to the tune of Christmas classics.

    Throw a twelve courses of Christmas party.

    Isn’t great food theme enough? Of course it is!

    When you pair simple decorations and great music with a delectable twelve-course tasting menu, your guests will never leave hungry.

    Planning your company’s office holiday party? Boulevard Cafe Catering is Tysons Corner’s go-to corporate event caterer, with the ideas, the experience, and the food to leave your guests hungry for more.

  • Serving Alcohol at Your Corporate Holiday Party? Read This.

    As October turns into November, and planning for the company holiday party kicks into high gear, you’re wondering how, or even if you can mix business and pleasure, to serve alcohol at the annual shindig. The answer is yes, with a little careful planning.

    Consider these tips to keep your employees (& your business) in northern Virginia safe as they imbibe on company time.

    Chat about your company culture.

    Emphasize that drinking to excess at an company event is unacceptable, and will be met with zero tolerance. Include information about alcohol usage in your company code of conduct, and be clear on your expectations (e.g., Is drinking at lunch discouraged? What is the policy for drinking at company events where clients are present?)

    Make attendance optional.

    For no reason should you require that your employees attend events where alcohol will be served, nor should they be recommended to attend. All social gatherings should be strictly voluntary.

    Limit the number of drinks allowed.

    This goes hand-in-hand with your policy prohibiting excess consumption. Give each employee a set number of tickets (Say, two.) for drinks; once those tickets are gone, they’re gone. Serve non-alcoholic beverages — such as juice, soda, water — on an unlimited basis.

    Consider serving just beer and wine.

    Liquor and spirits almost always have a higher alcohol content, and are harder to regulate.

    That being said…

    Hire a professional bartender.

    Never allow your employees to serve themselves, nor each other. Professional bartenders are trained to portion drinks appropriately, and make a living out of cutting people off when they’ve had too much.

    Identify at least one attendee who won’t be drinking.

    Event guests who choose to remain sober can help identify co-workers who may have had too much to drink, and who might need a ride home.

    Review your insurance policies

    Do so to ensure that you are properly covered, and aware of any exclusions in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong.

    Host the party off premises.

    Your employees will be more comfortable and have more fun, and you will be less liable for damages if the event is held at a club or a restaurant, during nonworking hours.

    Never make drinking the focus of the event.

    Provide entertainment; arrange for a guest speaker; schedule games, dancing, raffles, team-building events, or other activities for your employees to participate in. The alcohol is just a bonus!

    Serve food.

    Boulevard Café Catering will provide hot or cold appetizers, entrees, salads, and/or dessert to whet your employees’ appetite, and to make sure no one drinks on an empty stomach.

    Contact us today to discuss hiring Boulevard to cater your corporate holiday party.

  • Summer is Fun & So Should Your Company Picnic Be!

    Summer is for long lazy days at the pool, raucous concerts under the stars, and for company picnics. Corporate company picnics are a great way to say to your employees, “Thanks for all your hard work.” They give everyone a chance to relax, to socialize, to network, to eat and to drink, and to enjoy the summer season before it’s gone.

    Summer is fun, and so are company picnics.

    So much so that you’ve decided to throw one of your own. Your employees will be surprised, and delighted, and it’ll be all the talk around the water cooler — at least it might be… if only you could decide on the theme.

    Boulevard Café Catering can help (with more than just the theme, but let’s start there). Consider the following, oh so popular themes, and which might be right for your next summer company picnic.

    Host an international food themed picnic.

    Incorporating foods from around the globe into your next corporate event is as trendy as it can be tasty. The menu options here are nearly endless: taco salad, German potato salad, whole roasted jerk chicken, and all the fixings. As your corporate event caterer, Boulevard Café Catering can help develop a picnic menu that is as Mexican, or Mediterranean as you want it to be.

    Host a sports themed picnic.

    Oh, there’s so much you can do. Think a day at the ballpark, or a tailgating extravaganza. Think food that can be eaten on the run, as your CFO is rounding the bases. Hot dogs and hamburgers. Ice cream and snow cones and cotton candy. Sounds like a great and tasty time to me.

    Host a kid-friendly picnic.

    At one company picnic we helped cater last year, they really went all out for the kids. There were bounce houses and obstacle courses and lawn games. It was so much fun. It’s a great idea for companies like yours with young families to schedule events and activities that keep the littlest ones occupied, so the adults have time to do all that socializing we talked about.

    Maybe a 1950s themed picnic is more your style, or maybe you think “a picnic with food and music” is theme enough… No matter, we can help take your idea (or we’ll suggest a few more of our own) and turn it into a summer picnic to beat all.

    Contact Boulevard Café Catering to discuss the menu for your upcoming company picnic.

  • Make This Valentine’s Day the Most Special Yet — With a Dinner Date at Home

    Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate love; it’s a day filled with chocolates, and flowers, and fine jewelry, and prix fixe dinner menus at fancy northern Virginia restaurants.

    Valentine’s Day is… expensive.

    Surely, the love you feel for your significant other is reason enough to splurge a little, but splurging doesn’t have to mean blowing your budget. Opt for a bag of her favorite Reese’s peanut butter hearts; choose a bouquet of daisies from the grocery store display; and plan to prepare her favorite meal at home — there you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for a special Valentine’s Day date at home, on any budget. Many relationship counselors believe that you must invest time into your relationship.

    Make making dinner the date.

    Cooking together is as much fun as it is practical, as it is romantic. Crack open a bottle of wine, and get to the chopping, and the sautéing.

    Set the mood.

    You’ve already got the wine, and the fixings for a great meal; all that’s left to be had is the mood. Set the dining room table with your finest china. Adorn the room with candles and a vase for the flower you know she’ll love. Create a custom Spotify playlist for the occasion, and voila: the most romantic of settings all your own.

    Start with appetizers.

    Make an event out of Valentine’s Day dinner at home by serving up several courses for the night. Get things started with an assortment of easy to prepare, delicious appetizers: Tomato and basil bruschetta, stuffed cheese puffs, potato nests and hummus with pita chips are a few of our favorite options. (Tip: Check out Pinterest or your favorite cookbook for more options to complement your main course.)

    Keep the wine flowing; just add pasta.

    What’s more romantic than pasta and red wine? The truth is, nothing. Get creative; go out on a limb and try a pasta dish you’ve always wanted to try. Or stay within the old comfort zone with the Italian favorite, spaghetti and meatballs. Grab that second bottle of red wine, and settle in for a great meal with the best company.

    Don’t forget dessert.

    Okay, maybe there is something more romantic than pasta — and that’s dessert.

    Keep things simple with homemade chocolate-covered strawberries or an assortment of gourmet chocolates from a specialty chocolatier. Even a small tray of truffles can be enough to satisfy the sweet tooth while giving you an excuse to indulge for the night. Do a chocolate sampling together or enjoy some sweet treats with even a bit more red wine for a truly gourmet treat.

    Make Valentine’s Day special on a budget.

    Show your sweetie how deep your love for her goes, without breaking the bank. (And not just on Valentine’s Day; every Tuesday, Friday, or Sunday is the perfect opportunity to let her know just how much you care — with a home cooked meal, a specially crafted playlist, or even just a five-dollar daisy bouquet.) Just because you are having dinner at home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t arrange for an executive car service to pick up your sweetheart.

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