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Arlington VA Catering ServicesBoulevard Cafe Catering has been serving the Northern Virginia area for over 25 years and is no stranger to catering in Arlington. From business and corporate catering, to parties and events, we’ve got you covered! Our team will provide a custom meal to fit everyone’s needs.

Sandwiches, platters, fruits, desserts, you name it. Boulevard will provide everything you need for a feast to remember. Just call our team today at 703-883-0557 to schedule your event and pick from a variety of menu options.

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Just outside of Washington, DC. and off the orange and blue Metro transit lines, Arlington, Virginia is home to many businesses and residents alike. Both will find comfort in Boulevard Cafe Catering’s extensive menu and outstanding customer service. Fill out the form below to get started!

Office Breakfast Catering – Traffic in Arlington is bad enough without having to swing by Starbucks to buy $100 worth of scones and carry them in. Call Boulevard instead! We can customize a breakfast service for your office to include light fare and easy to eat items, or set up a full breakfast buffet with all of your favorites.

Corporate Lunches – Business lunch requirements are unique and different. The most popular options include sandwich trays, salad and of course a cookie platter to follow! We can handle lunches for small meetings of several people all the way up to large corporate events, when hundreds of people will need to be served at the same time.

Corporate Event Catering – Some of the largest catering events happen around the holidays, especially when companies host their Christmas party. (Everyone loves a good Christmas party!) Whether you need business catering services for a holiday party, product launch, sales meeting, annual meetings, or whatever your event is, we’d love to help.

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